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McDonough & Associates
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t: 020 3794 0675

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2nd Floor
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1. We will make telephone contact with you as soon as possible, after you have either telephoned our office or provided us with your contact number via e-mail. We would normally contact you within 24 hours of leaving your contact details.

2. We will have a brief discussion about your case and we will then usually be able to offer you an interview at our office to discuss your case in detail and look at all relevant documentation. This interview will be without obligation and free of any charges.

3. We are willing to provide a free interview even if you have not lost your job but are facing dismissal procedures and will brief and advise you regarding any dismissal/grievance procedures.

4. If we conclude that your case has a good chance of success we will offer you a no win no fee arrangement. We will charge a percentage of any amount we are able to recover on your behalf. The percentages vary depending on the complexity of the case and the prospects of success.

5. If you accept our offer then we will represent you throughout the proceedings, lodging any claim and appearing on your behalf throughout all necessary hearings.

6. If the claim is successful, either through an award made by the Employment Tribunal or a negotiated settlement, we will take receipt of the monies and send you the balance after deducting the fee.

7. If a claim is successful and the employer appeals to the Employment Appeal Tribunal we will defend the appeal free of charge.

8. If the case is not successful and you wish to appeal we would normally charge for any such representation. Appeals can only be taken on points of law and are very difficult to win. However, in exceptional cases, where we feel that the appeal would be highly likely to be successful we may be prepared to represent by way of an increased percentage.

9. We will deal with your enquiries in a sensitive and sympathetic manner and even if we do not feel able to offer you a no win no fee arrangement we will still provide you with an expert evaluation of the case and guidance as to how to deal with it in the future.

To conclude: you have everything to gain and nothing to lose by contacting us and letting us look at your problem and provide an expert evaluation. We hope that you will be interested to make contact and provide us with the opportunity to discuss your case and see what we can do to help.

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