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Below are just a few examples of various types of claims in the Employment Tribunals from many of our notable successes:


Ms K. was a senior manager in a security company and she was dismissed after complaining of sexual harassment, having worked there for only 4 months. We successfully won a case for sex discrimination and breach of contract before the Employment Tribunal and obtained an award of compensation of over £85,000. The employer appealed to the Employment Appeal Tribunal. We successfully defended the appeal and the final award with interest was over £93,000.

Ms P. was a senior marketing manager for a company of record producers and, on return from annual leave she was dismissed, allegedly on grounds of redundancy after informing her employers she was pregnant. We took claims for sex discrimination and unfair dismissal. The employer settled the case for a substantial sum on the first day of the hearing. For legal reasons we cannot disclose the actual sum settled for.


Mr S., who is Asian, worked as a salesman for a hair replacement therapy company and he was racially harassed being the subject of racial insults, causing clinical depression and unable to work. He resigned and we represented him before the Tribunal alleging constructive dismissal on grounds of race and constructive unfair dismissal. After a 5-day hearing we obtained an award of over £32,000.

Ms R., who is Afro-Caribbean, worked as a Senior Lecturer at a college of Further Education. She applied for promotion and although she scored the highest marks the panel refused to appoint her, saying she was not satisfactory and re-advertised the job. She left a few months later to take up another post, at the same salary level. She took a claim to the Employment Tribunal alleging the failure to promote her amounted to race discrimination. After a 6-day hearing where we represented her the claim was successful and we obtained an award of over £14,000 for injury to feelings.


Mrs O. worked as a housekeeper for a 5-star Hotel in central London. She suffered with heart problems. She was dismissed- allegedly on grounds of redundancy. We took a claim on her behalf to the Tribunal alleging her dismissal was on grounds of disability discrimination. After a 3-day hearing we obtained an award of over £14,000.

Mr L. worked on the railways as a maintenance engineer. He suffered with compulsive obsessive disorder. He was dismissed on grounds of ill health after a few weeks absence. We applied to the Tribunal claiming unfair dismissal and disability discrimination. The case was settled on the eve of the first day of the Tribunal hearing for £40,000.


We represented 6 employees who worked for a nightclub in central London. The club was sold. The new owners instead of accepting the continuing employment of our clients, dismissed them. After a 5-day hearing we obtained findings of unfair dismissal for all 6. The cases were settled for substantial sums, before the cases went back to the Tribunal for an award of compensation. For legal reasons we cannot divulge the amounts of compensation obtained.

Mrs F. worked as a librarian for one of the Royal Medical Colleges. After the College Secretary made changes without consultation to the location and scope of her duties she resigned and claimed constructive and unfair dismissal. After a hearing lasting 7 days the Tribunal found in her favour and awarded compensation in excess of £22,000.

5 BT workers were dismissed for having made international telephone calls without authority. We were instructed by the workers trade union, CWU. After a hearing lasting 5 days we obtained findings of unfair dismissal in all cases. We obtained Orders for reinstatement for all 5 and BT took all back into employment and paid compensation for lost earnings between dismissal and the date of reinstatement.

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